In densely populated cities airspace has become a premium commodity, developers are now seeking to buy airspace and build superstructures above existing infrastructure. Banagher Precast Concrete are to the industry fore in Precast Encapsulations and overbuilds – we have completed several structures and are actively involved in ongoing research & development.


We can provide design solutions & we strive for value engineering in every project. When involved in the design of encapsulations or overbuilds the following criteria can be met if required:

  • Minimum 120-year design life
  • Provide fire separation
  • Minimum 2-hour fire resistance
  • Provide noise separation in its permanent condition
  • Withstand rail impact without compromising integrity
  • Create a building floor which can be subjected to an imposed floor load
  • Unit weights can be kept to a minimum for installation purposes
  • Safety by design is incorporated for safe and efficient installation
  • Just in time delivery for rail possessions
  • Comprehensive BIM structural model