Precast Stairs

A range of sizes and configurations are possible with precast stairs, we have a number of adjustable moulds and can create new ones if required, our team is also on hand to assist clients with design. Quality is important with precast stairs because in a lot of instances the concrete is the final finish – using a precast system ensures a higher quality than in-situ.


Working closely with a client we engineered a bespoke external escape precast stairs which was cast with integral trace heating cabling, designed to heat the staircase to prevent formation of snow and ice in cold temperatures.

Elevator/Stair Cores

Multi-storey structures require elevator/stair cores to be erected early in the construction programme and we have the expertise to create cores specific to a project. Precast cores reduce programme, are durable, flexible in design and require minimum maintenance.


  • Simplifies construction
  • Accelerates programme
  • Fire resistance properties
  • Natural sound insulation
  • Openings accommodated
  • Trial-fits available
  • Designed for each project

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