Banagher Precast Concrete are a preferred supplier of Irish Rail and Network Rail for precast and over the years we have been contracted for overbridges, underbridges, railway stations, tube stations and encapsulations.

We design and manufacture prestressed bridge beams, precast portal frames and precast bridge decks.

Having worked numerous rail projects with industry respected contractors we understand the constraints and pressure of working with limited rail possessions and the high emphasis on safety, we understand that quality, quick installation, site safety and a concise delivery schedule are paramount to the success of any rail project.

The Banagher Precast Concrete Difference
We carry out trial fits at our factory before the units are delivered to ensure that they are the perfect fit and that they can be installed safely and efficiently on site.
We factor in safety by design into our structures to give contractors working above the rail line the safest deck possible to work from when the line reopens.
We have a strong reputation for delivering just-in-time as required by our clients for limited rail possessions – even to the most restrictive of rural and inner city sites.

Our parapets can be finished in fair faced concrete, brick or stone – we use skilled stone masons to complete the units instead of casting directly into the concrete as it ensures the highest quality finish.

Our precast portal arch system effectively forms a concrete box over the rail lines, it is simple to install and eliminates wet works on site during rail possession.

Our precast concrete rail platforms are an ideal solution for rail projects where the targets of quality, cost and programme need to be met.

We offer a wide range of other precast infrastructure rail solutions including tunnel segments, wingwalls, headwalls, retaining walls, headbeams, cill beams, box culverts, U on U portals and arches.

Not to mention a full range of station and subway solutions including our rapid installation Banagher Z-panels, precast platforms, stairs, stair cores, footbridges, tactile copings, signal bases and communication chambers.

We have provided precast for numerous projects and contractors across Ireland and the UK, we worked on High Speed 1 (HS1) and are providing consultation on High Speed 2 (HS2). We are also to the forefront of complicated and bespoke rail encapsulations – see our Projects section to find out more.