Great Island Power Station

Scottish and Southern Energy are currently constructing Great Island natural gas Combined Cycle Gas Turbine plant which will deliver an economic power boost to the South East.

The €331m project will be operational in late 2014 and will significantly decarbonise electricity generation in Ireland. The modern and efficient 460MW gas-fired power plant will be Ireland’s cleanest and most efficient power station and will replace the existing 240MW fuel oil unit at the site, significantly decarbonising electricity generation in the all-island Single Electricity Market.

Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd were engaged by John Sisk and Son to work with the design Team of Dragodas and Initec to develop a bridge deck design to span the cooling outflow channel. The channel had a span of 16m and was over 90m long. The design favoured by the contractor and the clients design team was a beam and slab deck comprising of TY9 beams. The deck slab was formed using Banagher Precast fibre reinforced permanent shutter spanning between beams to allow John Sisk and Son to pour deck slab on site.

The project had a number of unique design features. Read more…

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