Banagher Cattle Slats

Banagher Precast Concrete brought the original ‘gang’ slat to Ireland in the 1970’s in response to the requirement for high quality, safe and durable slats and the Banagher Slat has been synonymous with quality ever since.

Slats are cast with high tensile reinforced steel and have a smooth finish on the sides to minimise blockage of the slots leading to efficient drainage and greater animal comfort.

We bring our large scale civil engineering experience and our highly skilled workforce to create best in class cattle slats which have been approved by the Department of Agriculture. Our highly skilled and trained operatives deliver and install our Banagher Slats nationwide.

Grant Available

TAMS II is running until December 2020 under which farmers can get up to a 40% grant for new or replacement slats once the manhole slat is placed outside the shed. Fitting slats in new sheds can be done throughout the year but the best time to replace existing slats is when the cattle are out and the tanks are empty. Each farm is different so access to site needs to be assessed prior to replacement. Take the time now to inspect and plan.

Quality Assured

  • CE Marked & ISO19001 Approved
  • EN206 Certified
  • Independently tested
  • Concrete grade C45/55 for optimum durability
  • Contain high tensile reinforced steel

What Farmers have to say…

‘We’ve been breeding all-Ireland prize-winning Angus and Hereford beef cattle for over 35 years. We house over 220 pedigree cattle in five sheds fitted with Banagher Slats. My father always bought Banagher Slats and I’ve continued the tradition because they’re high quality, durable slats with an excellent drop off. Over the years we’ve had very little lameness from digital dermatitis and slurry heel in our herds which has reduced vet call outs, improved weight gain and led to healthier cattle. With valuable stock you can’t afford injuries and I wouldn’t take a chance with any other slat. The welfare of our herd is key to our business and using Banagher Slats plays a big part in our herd health management.’

Matthew Goulding, Goulding Angus & Hereford, Ballyduff, Tralee, Co Kerry

Products Available

  • Original 6-Gang Slats
  • Dairy Cow Slats
  • Scraper Slats
  • Lockable Galvanised Manhole Slats
  • Middle or End Manhole Slats
  • Tractor Loading Slats
  • Suspended Passageways
  • Culverts
  • Support Beams