Energy & Utilities

Energy Sector

We design and manufacture offsite precast solutions for the energy sector including wind turbine bases, fire walls, cut and cover with fire resistant properties and electricity sub-station encapsulations.

Using BIM and 3D modelling to ensure complex structures such as blast walls are designed and installed without encountering problems on site.

Research & Development

Banagher Precast Concrete as industry pioneers are committed to the continuous research & development of precast concrete in order to bring cost savings & efficiencies to our clients, to remain at the forefront of bridge beam design, to enhance the performance of concrete and structures and to seek sustainable practices which will benefit the environment and future generations.

We have completed several projects in the past using polypropylene for the control of explosive spalling in pre-stressed beams, including on the A380 in South Devon and Royal Mint DLR Encapsulation in London and we are undertaking further R&D into fire resistance.

Water Sector

Precast is the ideal solution for the water sector due to its durability, adaptability and ease of installation, we manufacture a wide range of precast solutions for reservoirs, water and waste treatment plans.

Our unique Banagher Double Tee’s floor/roof beams can span up to 30 m and have been implemented frequently in reservoirs where long spans are required. We can assist clients in converting a project from in-situ to a precast solution, our Engineers are always on standby to aid in design and value engineering.


We manufacture precast concrete chambers with integrated manhole covers – the only system on the market which has been fully tested for full traffic loading. Drop in and back fill in one simple operation. Ideal for underground communication and telephone ductbank systems, electrical substations and windfarm power.

We also manufacture precast joint bays, drainage channels and U-ducts in lengths up to 10 m which reduce installation times dramatically. U-ducts are particularly economical for long runs of small culvert and for storm water retention tanks.

The use of U-ducts and culverts is constantly growing so we have aligned to the market with adjustable moulds – each unit is individually designed for any application and for any loading including RU railway loads. All our products are designed to Eurocode standards.