The Offsite Solution

We can manufacture reinforced columns in a range of shapes and lengths with a fair-faced finish. Our bespoke moulds give a high quality finish and enable us to provide clients with a solution for buildings, stadia and multi-storey car parks.


We champion the use of column shoes on our columns to offer clients instant stability and the removal of temporary propping on site.

Using this system we have manufactured, delivered and installed 24 m columns, providing support for 5 storeys with instant installation and no temporary propping (see UCD Science Building in Projects).


  • Range of shapes
  • Up to 24 m
  • Column shoes available
  • Dowelled connections
  • Eliminate temporary propping
  • Multi-storey columns
  • Single-storey columns
  • Simplifies construction
  • Accelerates programme
  • Reduces team on site
  • No finishing or painting
  • Quicker than in-situ
  • Designed for each project

Common Usage

  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Stadia
  • Reservoirs
  • Sports facilities
  • Multi-storey car parks