Bespoke Solutions

Supported by extensive research and experience Banagher Precast Concrete are recognised as a leading supplier of Marine infrastructure.
Our broad range of experience in this area includes interlocking sea defence units, wave walls, floating breakwaters, container terminals, ferry terminals, jetty berths, piers, harbours and causeways.

Coastal protection often requires a bespoke solution where the terrain can be curved or irregular, precast concrete offers the flexibility and durability required by contractors for such projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a bespoke solution whether its interlocking revetments or stepped sea defence, we carry out trial fits to ensure right-first-time on site and deliver in sequence as required.

We bring our expertise in the design and manufacture of bridge beams and crossheads to deliver largescale projects such as the Teesport Berth 1 reconstruction.
We also collaborate closely with Inland Coastal & Marina Systems (ICMS) who provide installation of our floating breakwaters worldwide, these units can be up to 6 m wide and weigh over 60 tonnes and have been used as far afield as Mexico and the Maldives.

We have designed and manufactured bespoke elements for use around the coasts of Ireland, the UK and further afield, take a look at our featured projects to find out more.