Retaining Walls

Retaining ‘L’ & ‘T’ Walls

We design and manufacture precast concrete retaining wall systems and deliver them throughout Ireland and the UK. Precast retaining walls are usually in the form of an L or inverted T shape with projecting steel for an on site in-situ stitch – this method ensures a shear key connection on site for a more efficient design.

Precast walls are regularly used for soil retention, dividing spaces or where speed of installation is critical to the programme. Our team of Engineers design retaining wall designs in-house to any shape or size as required.

Banagher ‘Z Panel’

We developed the Banagher ‘Z’ panel in response to the industry requirement for a precast solution which is safe, quick and simple to install. The Banagher ‘Z’ panel is now being widely used across the UK by Contractors working on Network Rail projects for these reasons. Recent projects include Derby Station redevelopment and our bespoke finished panels for Hebden Station.

  • Bespoke finishes available
  • Various sizes available
  • Z Panels can be tapered
  • Can combine with precast slab
  • Suitable for precast platform
  • Immediately stable
  • Waterproof membrane option available


  • Various sizes available
  • Soil retention
  • Can combine with precast slab
  • Immediately stable – ideal for live rail

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