Energy & Utilities

Precast Solutions

Through research and development combined with our design expertise we can offer our clients in the energy and power sectors a multitude of precast solutions for their project.

We have designed and manufactured firewalls and bridge beams with fire resistant properties – we have even devised a precast solution to encapsulate electricity sub-stations.


Precast can be modified to increase fire resistance, blast resistance, durability and reduced maintenance. We can provide design solutions & we strive for value engineering in every project.

Water Sector

Precast is the ideal solution for the water sector due to its durability, adaptability and ease of installation, we manufacture a wide range of precast solutions for reservoirs, water and waste treatment plants.

Our unique Banagher Double Tee’s floor/roof beams can span up to 35 m and have been implemented frequently in reservoirs where long spans are required. We can also assist clients in converting a project from in-situ to a precast solution.

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