Multi-Storey Car Parks

Offsite Solution

Multi-Storey Car Parks are often required in busy or built up areas – precast offers our clients a quick, safe and efficient alternative to in-situ or steel, offsite manufacturing reduces manpower on site and programme.

Precast works to just-in-time delivery, ensuring fast and efficient installation. Precast also has the added reassurance of high quality factory cast elements with proven strength and durability.

Our unique Banagher Double Tee Flooring can span large distances supported then by our precast spine beams and columns.


The Avenue, Bracknell: 1,306 Spaces – 5 Storeys – 2,480 Precast Units – 40 Week Install

Volkswagon Brentford: 15, 486 m² – 4 Storeys – Columns/Ramp/Slabs/Beams – 18 Week Install

Waterfront, Stafford: 1,032 Spaces – 4 Storeys – Columns/Slabs/Beams – 17 Week Install

Precast Advantage

  • Superior Quality – units cast under factory conditions
  • Large spanning elements eliminate intermediate supports resulting in extra parking spaces
  • Cost effective solution
  • Reduced contract programme
  • Range of finishes available
  • Reduced crew on site – safer and more cost effective
  • Less follow on trades required
  • Safe and efficient installation
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Reduces construction traffic on site and in area

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