Our Stadia System has been developed over the years through experience in dealing with leading Architects and Engineers in this field. We have proven time after time that precast concrete construction is by far the most efficient way to construct modern stadia.

We have completed stadia to in excess of 55,000 people and we offer a full service in terms of the design, manufacture and construction of precast concrete stadia. Installation can also be provided if required.


Our in-house stadia expert and design team has the experience to offer complete precast solutions and alternatives to existing designs providing modal and frequency analysis to develop the most efficient and cost effective design.


  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced fire resistance
  • Improved dynamic response – higher inertia and stiffness
  • Optimised construction programme – reduction structural elements and simplified connections
  • Optimised production/fabrication process
  • Improved aesthetics due to high quality of finished of precast
  • Minimisation of design interfaces, clear delineation of responsibility and optimised design process
  • Capital cost savings
  • Reduced impact on the environment compared with a steel frame structure

Featured Projects

We have provided full precast solutions for some of the most iconic stadia in Ireland and the UK including the Aviva Stadium, the Curragh Racecourse and the Olympic Copper Box in London.

Spectator Stands

We also design and manufacture smaller scale spectator stands for sporting clubs. Our design team works closely with the client from an early stage to ensure that all of their requirements can be met.

We are committed in providing a professional and highly technical service to ensure that we provide a modern package with the latest techniques for the small stand market.

We offer a full service in terms of the design, manufacture, construction and installation of precast concrete stadia.

Product Range