Since 1949

Banagher Precast Concrete has gained a reputation which has become synonymous with high quality products and customer service, placing us at the forefront of the construction and civil engineering industry.

We have the largest capacity of any bridge beam manufacturing company in Ireland and the UK with the ability to manufacture over 2.5 km of prestressed beams per week.

We can design and manufacture beams spanning up to 50 meters long. In 2005 we developed the now industry standard ‘W’ beam then in 2007 we developed the more environmentally friendly ‘MY’ beam – we are bridge beam pioneers.

We provide a full range of products to service the Civil Engineering industry including bridge beams, portal frames, box culverts, tunnel segments, retaining walls, u-ducts, communication chambers and bespoke solutions.

Our team of expert Engineers and Estimators thrive on value engineering, when involved early in a project they can assist with designs and offer advice or alternatives which will optimise time efficiencies, cost savings, craneage, site safety and reduce carbon footprint without compromising design.