Tread Softly Environmental Policy

We aim to continuously improve our Environmental Management System by vigorously challenging our existing outputs – our aim is to Tread Softly and minimise our impact on the environment for this generation and for those yet to come.

  • Banagher Precast Concrete’s primary manufacturing facility is completely encased in area of Special Conservation (SAC) so we constantly monitor our noise, dust and sound emissions ensuring that we do not have a negative impact on our local natural surroundings
  • We have planted acres of oak woodland locally & we’ve created a wildlife habitat with a fresh water lake stocked with indigenous fish to counter balance our outputs and leave a positive lasting legacy
  • Our cement producers have the latest low carbon production facilities
  • Our aggregates quarry is just 3 miles from the manufacturing plant reducing our carbon footprint
  • Our continuous investment in plant equipment ensure efficiencies and our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) eliminates project clashes and subsequent waste
  • Any waste concrete is recycled and reused
  • We design & manufacture environmentally friendlier efficient bridge beams (MY Beam)
  • Our transport partners have committed to lower their carbon emissions – all Euro IV class vehicles have been phased our providing a fleet of Euro V & Euro VI lorries, next phase is to use only Euro V1 lorries
  • Banagher Precast Concrete are also proud to be collaborating with Irish & UK universities on a European research project which is seeking the development of sustainable, low carbon, precast concrete infrastructure