Kingston University is one of our most iconic projects, it is a 6-storey structure built entirely from precast concrete. PCE Ltd, experts in HybriDfMA and offsite construction, received a contract worth over £8 million to provide the concrete structure on a Design, Manufacture and Construct basis from Willmott Dixon. PCE appointed Banagher Precast Concrete as the main supplier for this project and they installed the entire precast structure with a crew of just 20 to a programme of 40 weeks, this building is a masterclass in how precast can accelerate programme, increase site safety and offer instant finishes.

As per architectural requirements all visible precast had to be sourced from a single factory to ensure consistency of finish, hence all precast was manufactured in our head quarters for consistency with aggregates, cement mixes and moulds. Using an offsite solution was ideal for this project given the restrictive site and busy location in Kingston, using precast accellerated the programme while reducing construction traffic and works on site.


This project was not without some unique challenges, for example we collaborated closely with PCE to design and manufacture an external escape stairs with integral trace heating cabling, which will heat the staircase and the prevent formation of snow and ice in cold temperatures.

We also designed a unique mould for a bespoke drainage slab – these precast units were cast upside down for more accuracy and weighed 16.3 tonnes, they had falls and cross falls to the upper surface, complicated recesses for drainage channels and surface retardation finish.

We worked closely with PCE Ltd to deliver this fantastic structure on schedule and to their exacting standards, it’s true to say that this was definitely a challenge, but one which we thoroughly enjoyed!

Precast Concrete Supplied:
– 550 Beams & Banagher Double Tee’s
– 287 Columns
– 109 Floor slabs
– 208 Architectural Fins
– 87 Solid walls
– 35 Bespoke heated stairs & landings
– Bespoke run-off slabs
– Raker beams
– Auditorium terracing

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Project Details

Kingston University

PCE Ltd (for Willmott Dixon)