First we provided the precast columns for the new Twickenham Station Network Rail development, then we provided 134 MY Beams during just one 52 hour rail possession for Osborne Construction and Oliver Connell & Son. Designed by Banagher Precast Concrete in 2007 the MY beam is a more environmentally friendly beam for shorter spans up to 19 m & is known in-house as our ‘Green Beam’ as it uses less concrete and reduces transport, they are also inherently stable and provide a very safe working deck for the installation crew.

“A sincere thank you for your endeavour, design and enthusiasm in producing and supplying the precast units to site over the 52hr possession and also the precast units that got the project to this milestone. Your experience and know-how aided us massively in preparing, planning and executing the works. We are very happy that the works went to plan, without incident and ahead of programme. So again congratulations on a package well delivered. Also a big thank you to John of Whitten Haulage and his team for a well-executed logistics plan.” Ollie Connell, Oliver Connell & Son

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Project Details

Solum / Network Rail

Osborne Construction and Oliver Connell & Son